Registration Form for Gifu Joint Degree Symposium 2019

Period of Application: 2019/08/01 00:00~2019/09/29 23:59

*Period of application is Japan time.

Here is online registration page for "Gifu Joint Degree Symposium 2019. "

【How to register】

  1. Fill in the blanks and click [Confirm] button.
  2. You can jump to Confirmation page. Please check what you entered. If no modification is needed, click [Submit] button.
  3. Now you see a message "Thank you for your registration." You will automatically receive a confirmation E-mail.


  1. Please avoid E-mail address provided by cell phone company (e.g., etc.).
  2. One E-mail address cannot be used for registration of more than one attendee.
  3. Even after submission of your registration, you can freely modify what you entered by the deadline, August 31 September 23 September 29. Please check an E-mail you will receive after the submission. After the deadline, this system will not work. If you want to change or cancel your registration after the deadline, please contact the symposium office (
  4. Do not register while you open this webpage in multiple tabs of a browser simultaneously. That may lead to a system error.
  5. Please refrain from any platform dependent characters.
  6. Please refrain from using free E-mails such as ", " ", " ", " etc. because you may not always receive an automatic confirmation E-mail.
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